Lipscore API

This is the documentation of Lipscores REST-based API. The methods below provide a simple way of integrating with our software. Please be aware that the documentation only include a minimum of the methods available. We have a pretty strict policy against manipulation and filtering of reviews and we generally do not allow for any 3rd parties to create reviews etc via the API.

All interaction with the API requires a valid user account with Lipscore, 24-character API key and API Secret key
(if you do not have an account please register at



Authenticate your account when using the API by sending API key in api_key parameter and including your Secret API key in the request X-Authorization header. Your API keys carry many privileges, so be sure to keep it secret. Do not share your Secret API key in publicly accessible areas such GitHub and client-side code. All API requests must be made over HTTPS.

curl --header "X-Authorization: YourSecretAPIKey"



Resource Description
GET /answers/:id Receive an Answer
POST /questions/:question_id/answers Create an Answer on specific Question
PUT /answers/:id Update an Answer
DELETE /answers/:id Destroy an Answer


Resource Description
POST /hooks Register a Hook
DELETE /hooks/:id Destroy a Hook and cancel a subscription.


Resource Description
GET /ping Check if the API is available. Returns the current timestamp.


Resource Description
GET /products Receive a list of Products
GET /products/:id Receive a single Product


Resource Description
GET /invitations/:token Receive a single Invitation
POST /invitations Create one or more Invitations


Resource Description
GET /products/:product_id/questions Receive a list of Questions


Resource Description
GET /products/:product_id/reviews Receive a list of Reviews